Mail services on and are currently not working. We are looking into the problem and hope to have normal service restored soon. We will update this entry as we have more information.

2009-04-17 10:24 CDT – troubleshooting on mail5/webmail is still in progress.

2009-04-17 11:33 CDT – we’ve just pointed at a different server IP. Webmail users will be able to access webmail as soon as the DNS change propagates, but you will not have access to your usual webmail address book since it is located on mail5. If your mailbox resides on mail5, you still will not be able to access your mail. Troubleshooting on mail5 is still in progress.

2009-04-17 15:37 CDT – the problem on mail5 appears to be a failed OS upgrade. We are re-installing packages now.

2009-04-17 17:29 CDT – mail5 is back online and has been pointed back to mail5. All mail5 users should be able to access their mail now, but the server may be slow to respond for the next several hours as it catches up with today’s incoming mail.