We are looking into the issue and will update this post when we get more info.

Update 1: We rebooted the server and it is currently running fsck.

Update 2: fsck is currently on a second pass

[09:10 PM CST] Update: The HD appears to be failing so we are going to attempt to back up what we can and replace it.

[10:50 PM CST] Update: The HD backup is underway.

[1:25 AM CST] Update: The HD backup is still underway.

[3:13 AM CST] Update: We are now going to reinstall the server and restore the data.

[7:54 AM CST] Update: The restoration of the data is still ongoing.

[1:17 PM CST] Update: The restoration of the data is still ongoing but some network issues between datacenters are slowing down the restoration. If you want to setup your site on another server in the mean time just open a ticket and we’ll give you a free extra plan on another machine.

[3:52 PM CST] Update: The network issues between datacenters have been fixed and data restoration is now happening at full speed. Data restoration is about 50% complete.

[6 PM CST] Update: The server is now back online. Open a ticket if you notice any problem with your account. We would like to apologize for the extended downtime. We are working hard to improve our procedures and our setup to minimize downtime when file system corruptions happen.