In our control panel you can configure an email address to forward all emails to an external email address.

If you do that our mail servers currently forward every email, including spam emails.

From May 5th 2010 our mail servers will no longer forward emails which are classified as obvious spam. This is because external email servers have no way of knowing whether the spam is coming from us or whether we are just forwarding it as you asked us to.

We have taken a very conservative view of what counts as spam for forwarding purposes to try to avoid false positives. However, please note that there is a very small chance that some genuine emails get wrongly classified as spam. If you you have some email addresses which are configured to forward everything to external email addresses there is a small chance that you could lose some emails. If you want to avoid that possibility, then we recommend that you configure your email addresses in our control panel to deliver all emails to a local mailbox as well as, or instead of, forwarding them to external email addresses.

If you have any question about this change open a support ticket and our support team will reply to you asap.