Web143 is currently not accessible via SSH. We’re looking into the problem and will update this ticket as we have more information.

2012-06-05 00:00 UTC: Upon further inspection the RAID controller and/or hard drive is causing the server to be offline. We’re investigating further. We’ll update this post as more info is available.

2012-06-05 01:33 UTC: We’ve replaced the failing hard drive and we’re now replacing the RAID controller and updating it’s firmware.

2012-06-05 02:14 UTC: The RAID controller and hard drives are now functioning correctly. We’re running a FSCK on the machine now to correct  file system errors.

2012-06-05 03:45 UTC: The FSCK is still running. We’ll post more information as the FSCK progresses.

2012-06-05 04:56 UTC: The FSCK was unable to complete due to an infinite loop encountered in the process. We’ve now brought the server back online with a read only file system to perform as complete a backup as possible to minimize chances of data loss.

2012-06-06 07:24 UTC: We’re still retrieving files from the machine.

2012-06-06 08:25 UTC: We’ve requested a full chassis swap and the OS be reloaded on the new equipment.

2012-06-06 11:21 UTC: The OS reload is running currently.

2012-06-06 12:27 UTC:  The OS is still being reloaded onto the machine.

2012-06-06 14:25 UTC:  The OS installation is on it’s last steps. Once it’s finished we’ll begin installing our platform tools and transferring user data back to the machine.

2012-06-06 15:31 UTC: The OS installation is finished and we are installing our platform tools.

2012-06-06 16:50 UTC: Our setup has finished and we’re now transferring user data back to the machine.

2012-06-06 18:35 UTC: The user data is still transferring, currently the MySQL databases have been restored and we’re working on the PostgreSQL databases as the other data transfers.

2012-06-06 18:57 UTC: The PostgreSQL databases have now been restored and we’re getting close to the end of the user files to be transferred.

2012-06-06 20:13 UTC: All user files have been transferred to the server. We’re now verifying that all files transferred off the machine have been transferred back to the machine.

2012-06-06 21:12 UTC:  The files have been verified. We’ve noted some spots of corruption and fixed them. We’re now correcting file system permissions.

2012-06-06 21:42 UTC: The server is now back online and resuming normal function. Please log into the server and verify that your apps and files are working as expected.