Web39 has been taken down for an emergency hard drive replacement. We’ll update this post as maintenance progresses.

2012-06-29 20:38 UTC: The server is now back online and the drive’s RAID is rebuilding. We’ll continue to monitor its progress.

2012-06-29 21:05 UTC:  The RAID rebuild was not progressing as it should have. We’ve rebooted the server to verify that the controller is seeing the new hard drive correctly.

2012-06-30 09:20 UTC:  We’ve rebooted the server as the RAID rebuild was stuck again.

2012-06-30 10:10 UTC:  The reboot did not solve the problem with the RAID rebuild and we are working with the onsite engineers to find out the exact problem.

2012-06-30 17:56 UTC: After swapping the new hard drive with another drive the server’s RAID was able to be rebuilt correctly.