Web332 will be taken offline at approximately 23:00 UTC for a routine RAID firmware upgrade. We don’t anticipate the maintenance will last longer than 1 hour and we’ll keep this post updated as the maintenance progresses.

2012-11-24 22:12 UTC: The server has now gone down for maintenance. We’re tracking the progress and will update as we know more.

2012-11-24 23:11 UTC: The upgrade of the RAID firmware has failed. Currently the server is back online and working, however, we are preparing to do a chassis swap in order to have an up to date RAID firmware. This will insure that no data is lost in the event that the RAID card on this machine begins to fail. We will update this post when the server goes offline for the replacement.

2012-11-25 00:41 UTC: We are now taking the machine offline to replace the chassis.

2012-11-25 02:08 UTC: The machine is now back on line with a new chassis and things are working normally. The RAID firmware has been confirmed to be upgraded to the latest version and things are stable.