Several of our US servers are currently experiencing intermittent network routing issues. Affected servers may include:

Dweb100, Dweb101, Dweb102, Dweb104, Dweb110, Dweb111, Dweb112, Dweb113, Dweb114, Dweb115, Dweb116, Dweb117 ,Dweb118 ,Dweb119, Dweb121 ,Dweb122, Dweb123, Dweb124, web125, Dweb126, Dweb127, Dweb128, Dweb129, Dweb130, Dweb133, Dweb134, Dweb135, Dweb137, Dweb140, Dweb141, Dweb142, Dweb143, Dweb144, Dweb145, Dweb146, Dweb147, web149, Dweb150, Dweb151, Dweb152, Dweb153, Dweb154, Dweb158,  Dweb160, Dweb161, Dweb162, Dweb163, Dweb164, Dweb165, Dweb94, Dweb95, Dweb96, Dweb97, Web4, Web5, Web11, Web12, Web15, Web24, Web25, Web27, Web28, Web30, Web31, Web34, Web35, Web37, Web39, Web40, Web42, Web48, Web49, Web55, Web57, Web65, Web69, Web70, Web72, Web74, Web75, Web80, Web83, Web91, Web95, Web99, Web102, Web105, Web106, Web108, Web114, Web117, Web119, Web122, Web126, Web129, Web143, Web148, Web151, Web155, Web162, Web17, Web175, Web178, Web180, Web182, Web183, Web186, Web187, Web198, Web199, Web200, Web213, Web219, Web220, Web226, Web227, Web228, Web229, Web230, Web231, Web232, Web33, Web234, Web235, Web236, Web237, Web238, Web239, Web240, Web241, Web243, Web244, Web245, Web246, Web247, Web300, Web301, Web302, Web307, Web308, Web309, Web310, Web311, Web312 ,Web313, Web318, Web319, Web320, Web324, Web328, Web329, Web330, Web335, Web336, Web337, Web338, Web341, Web342, Web343, Web344, Web345, Web346, Web3,7, Web348, Web349

2012-11-26 05:18 UTC: Engineers are onsite replacing the faulty hardware.

2012-11-26 05:22 UTC: Note that the WebFaction control panel is also being intermittently affected by this problem.

2012-11-26 05:55 UTC: The faulty hardware has been replaced and all services are coming back online.  We are monitoring closely to ensure there are no further issues.

2012-11-26 06:55 UTC: Systems appear stable, so we are declaring this issue resolved.