web230 is currently down. We are investigating the issue.

2012-12-01 22:08 UTC: We’re running fsck on damaged partitions now.

2012-12-01 23:47 UTC: We’re still running fsck on damaged partitions.

2012-12-02 01:13 UTC: The filesystem check has returned numerous errors that are making the check process slower than normal and doesn’t insure that the machine will come back with all of the data intact. To this end we’re going to reload the operating system on Web230 and restore the data from our backups. The OS is currently being reloaded.

2012-12-02 08:15 UTC: The server OS has been reloaded and we have restored the mysql and postgresql databases from our backup, the restoration for home directories is still going on.

2012-12-02 10:53 UTC: The home directories restoration is still going on.

2012-12-02 14:00 UTC: The home directories have been restored from the backups and the server is back.