Web383 went down due to kernel panic and is not coming back properly so we have taken it into rescue and are working on it.

We will add updates here as the work progresses.

[Feb 20 07:11 UTC 2013]  The issue seems to be the disks in RAID and we are working with the datacenter to get it fixed now.

[Feb 20 10:15 UTC 2013]  The disk is fine but the server is going into kernel panic on every reboot so we have booted it into rescue and are making an off-site backup of the data now.

[Feb 20 11:53 UTC 2013]  The backups are at 44% now.

[Feb 20 12:38 UTC 2013]  The backups are at 70% now.

[Feb 20 15:12 UTC 2013] The backups are complete. We’re working on restoring the server now.

[Feb 20 18:16 UTC 2013] We are still restoring user data to the server.

[Feb 20 19:56 UTC 2013] All data has been restored to the machine and the machine is now online and functioning normally.