We will be upgrading Ruby 1.9.3 from p125 to p392 in the next few days. We’ll publish the list of servers and the date they were upgraded in this post.

2013-03-06: Web200, Web208, Web300, and Web301

2013-03-07: Web102, Web105, Web106, Web108, Web114, Web310, Web311, Web312, Web313, and Web314

2013-03-08: Web24, Web25, Web27, Web28, Web30, Web31, Web34, Web35, Web37, Web39, Dweb89, Dweb90, Dweb94, Dweb95, Dweb96, Dweb97, Dweb98, Dweb99, Dweb101, Dweb102, Dweb103, Dweb104, Dweb106, Dweb107, Dweb108, Dweb110, Dweb111, Dweb112, Dweb114, Dweb115, Dweb116, Dweb117, Dweb118, Dweb119, Dweb121, Dweb122, Dweb123, Dweb124, Dweb125, Dweb126, Dweb127, Dweb129, Dweb130, Dweb131, Dweb132, Dweb133, Dweb134, Dweb135, Dweb136, Dweb137, Dweb138, Dweb139, Dweb140, Dweb141, Dweb142, Dweb143, Dweb144, Dweb145, Dweb146, Dweb147, Dweb148, Dweb149, Dweb150, Dweb151, Dweb152, Dweb153, Dweb154, Dweb155, Dweb156, Dweb157, Dweb158, Dweb159, Dweb160, Dweb161, Dweb162, Dweb163, Dweb164, Dweb165, Dweb166, Dweb167, Dweb168, Dweb169, Dweb170, Dweb171, Web300, Web301, Web302, Web303, Web304, Web305, Web306, Web307, Web308, Web309, Web310, Web311, Web312, Web313, Web314, Web315, Web316, Web317, Web318, Web319, Web320, Web321, Web322, Web323, Web324, Web325, Web326, Web327, Web328, Web329, Web330, Web331, Web332, Web333, Web334, Web335, Web336, Web337, Web338, Web339, Web340, Web341, Web342, Web343, Web344, Web345, Web346, Web347, Web348, Web349, Web350, Web351, Web352, Web353, Web354, Web355, Web356, Web357, Web358, Web359, Web360, Web361, Web362, Web363, Web364, Web365, Web366, Web367, Web368, Web369, Web370, Web371, Web372, Web373, Web374, Web375, Web376, Web377, Web378, Web379, Web380, Web381, Web382, Web383, Web384, Web385, Web386, Web387, Web388, Web389, Web390, and Web391.

2013-03-11: Web22, Web23, Web40, Web42, Web48, Web49, Web55, Web57, Web65, Web69, Web70, Web72, Web74, Web75, Web80, Web83, Web91, Web95, Web99, Web117, Web119, Web122, Web126, Web129, Web143, Web148, Web151, Web155, Web162, Web174, Web175, Web178, Web180, Web182, Web183, Web186, Web187, Web198, Web199, Web209, Web210, Web211, Web213, Web216, Web217, Web218, Web219, Web220, Web223, Web224, Web225, Web226, Web227, Web228, Web229, Web230, Web231, Web232, Web233, Web234, Web235, Web236, Web237, Web238, Web239, Web240, Web241, Web242, Web243, Web244, Web245, Web246, Web247, Web248, and Web249