Web246 is currently offline. We’re working to restore service at this time and will update this post as soon as we have more information.

Update: The server is showing signs of hardware issues. At this point we’re going to migrate the data to new (and faster) hardware. As part of the migration process the main IP address will change from to We will update this blog post with the migration progress.

Update 4am UTC: The data on the old hardware appears to be corrupted. At this point we are restoring all data from backup on the new hardware and we are trying to recover the data on the old hardware (both in parallel).

Update 10am UTC: We are still working on recovering the data and putting it on the new hardware.

Update 6pm UTC: At this point all MySql and PostgreSQL data has been migrated to the new hardware. Some home directories have been migrated and some sites are back online. We are working on the rest of the home directories.

Update 9pm UTC: We are continuing to recover the home directories from backup and bring more sites online.