On March 13th between 11am and 1pm UTC one of our US datacenters will perform some network maintenance work.

We will try to minimize the downtime but we expect the following servers to be offline during some of the maintenance window:

dweb100 dweb101 dweb102 dweb104 dweb105 dweb110 dweb111 dweb112 dweb113 dweb114 dweb115 dweb116 dweb117 dweb118 dweb119 dweb120 dweb121 dweb122 dweb123 dweb124 dweb125 dweb126 dweb127 dweb128 dweb129 dweb130 dweb133 dweb134 dweb135 dweb137 dweb140 dweb141 dweb142 dweb143 dweb144 dweb145 dweb146 dweb147 dweb149 dweb150 dweb151 dweb152 dweb153 dweb154 dweb158 dweb160 dweb161 dweb162 dweb163 dweb164 dweb165 dweb166 dweb167 dweb173 dweb175 dweb176 dweb177 dweb178 dweb180 dweb181 dweb184 dweb185 dweb187 dweb188 dweb189 dweb192 dweb194 dweb195 dweb94 dweb95 dweb96 dweb97 mailbox8 web102 web105 web106 web108 web11 web114 web117 web12 web126 web129 web143 web148 web15 web151 web162 web175 web180 web182 web183 web186 web187 web198 web219 web220 web227 web229 web230 web232 web233 web234 web236 web238 web239 web24 web240 web241 web243 web244 web247 web25 web27 web28 web30 web300 web301 web302 web308 web310 web311 web318 web319 web320 web328 web330 web34 web341 web342 web343 web345 web347 web348 web349 web35 web37 web4 web44 web48 web49 web5 web55 web57 web72 web80 web83 web91 web95 web99

Update March 13th, 12pm UTC: The maintenance work is over and there was no downtime on the servers.