Web408 and Web416 are currently offline. We’re working to restore service and will update this post when we have more information.

2014-06-25 23:26 UTC: Web408 was offline due to a kernel panic. It’s been rebooted and is now back in service.

2014-06-25 23:57 UTC: Web416 is still offline. We’re rebooting the machine for hardware diagnostics.

2014-06-25 23:33 UTC: Web416 is back online after a filesystem check, but mysql is still offline. We are working to get mysql back online.

2014-06-26 00:57 UTC: Web408 is offline again. We’re looking into it.

2014-06-26 02:22 UTC: Web408 is back online.  We used some defensive networking to mitigate a DDOS attack.

2014-06-26 05:56 UTC: Web416 MySQL is back online.