From February 1st, 2016 our web servers will start blocking all outbound email traffic to port 25 on third party servers. Port 25 traffic will only be allowed to our outbound email server –

This change is being made in order to help combat junk mail and improve the reliability of our email system for genuine email traffic.

Most people will not see any disruption from this change. The only thing being blocked are emails sent from our web servers which bypass our email system and directly connect to third party SMTP servers on port 25. Specifically there will be no disruption to:

  • Our normal email system. There will be no change to how you interact with your email via Outlook, Apple mail, webmail or any other email client from home or work.
  • Email sent from your website or applications via an SMTP connection to
  • Email sent from your website or applications via a local delivery agent such as /usr/sbin/sendmail, /bin/mail or similar.
  • Email sent from your website via a third party SMTP server on ports 465 or 587.
  • Most email sent via web-apps and frameworks like WordPress, Django, Rails, etc. The default configuration for these tools use our email system and will continue to work. However, we do recommend that you check your configuration.

If you do send email from our web servers directly to third party SMTP servers then from February 1st you will have three options:

  • Switch to using a local delivery agent – /usr/sbin/sendmail or /bin/mail
  • Switch to using our SMTP server –
  • Continue to use the 3rd party SMTP server, in which case you will have to use port 465 for SMTP/SSL or 587 for SMTP/TLS because port 25 will be blocked.

If you have any questions about this change don’t hesitate to open a support ticket or email and our support team will be happy to help.