The server is currently inaccessible. We are investigating the issue.

2016-02-04 06:51 UTC: Apologies for the delay, we’ve been working directly with the datacenter technicians to determine the cause and work towards restoring service to the server.

2016-02-04 07:01 UTC: Services have been restored to normal capacity, Web506 is online. It experienced a hardware issue related to the upstream network, which has been repaired. Please open a support ticket if there are any unresolved issues and we will look into it right away. Thank you for your patience.

2016-02-04 07:41 UTC: There appears to be some re-occurring network disturbances, so we’re re-opening this issue while we take further steps with the datacenter towards  a resolution. Thank you for your patience.

2016-02-04 10:40 UTC: Our datacenter engineers are still working to resolve the network issue. We will update this post as soon as new information arrives.

2016-02-04 11:40 UTC: The network connectivity has been restored through an alternative network interface.  We are still working to get the primary interface online, but things are stable at the moment.

2016-02-04 13:00 UTC: All issues with the network have been resolved.

2016-02-04 18:01 UTC: Web506 has lost connectivity again. We’re working to restore service and will update this post as soon as more information is available.

2016-02-04 20:11 UTC: Our data center team suspects motherboard failure. We’re scheduling a chassis swap at this time.

2016-02-04 20:27 UTC: We’re taking the server down for a chassis swap at this time.

2016-02-05 00:34 UTC: Apologies for the delays. Our datacenter team ran into some issues re-configuring the network interfaces for the new chassis. They are working to get the server up as quickly as possible.

2016-02-05 02:22 UTC: Public access has been restored, though please stand by for further updates confirming resolution on the situation.

2016-02-05 05:18 UTC: The server has been stable for a couple hours now, we’re marking the issue as resolved but will monitor the situation. If you experience any issues you believe to be unresolved, please open a support ticket and we will look into it right away. Thank you again for your patience.

2016-02-05 06:31 UTC: There has been a detectable outage on the server again, we’re once more in communication with our datacenter. Please stand by for further updates.

2016-02-05 09:44 UTC: Currently, the connectivity has been restored, but our data center engineers are still working to resolve the issue permanently. Please stand by for further updates.

2016-02-05 13:00  UTC: The connectivity has been stable in the past hours. We are still monitoring the server closely and working with the data center team towards a permanent resolution.

2016-02-05 14:00  UTC: The network connectivity issue has been resolved permanently.