2016-10-29 15:30 UTC: The server is currently not responding. We are investigating the issue and will update this post as soon as we have more information.

2016-10-29 16:54 UTC: The server is back online at this time and we are monitoring it.

2016-10-29 20:00 UTC: The server is not responding again and we are trouble shooting again.

2016-10-29 20:10 UTC: The server back in online and we continue to troubleshoot the root cause.

2016-10-31 19:56 UTC: We have taken the machine down for emergency maintenance.

2016-10-31 20:39 UTC: We are currently running a filesystem check.

2016-10-31 23:49 UTC: We’re unable to recover the filesystem. At this time, we’re provisioning a new server and will migrate all customer data to the new machine ASAP.

2016-11-01 8:21 UTC: The server has been provisioned and we are in the process of setting up.

2016-11-01 10:22 UTC: The server has been setup and all databases restored.

2016-11-01 13:22 UTC: User accounts up to letter “C” have been restored.

2016-11-02 14:56 UTC: We are down to the last few account to restore.