2017-02-01 23:20 UTC: We are investigating the issue and will update the post as soon as we have further details.

2017-02-02 01:16 UTC: Web367 has suffered a catastrophic disk failure. We’ve recovered some data from the server, and have the remaining data in our backups. We’re presently restoring the machine to new hardware and will notify affected customers with the new server details.

2017-02-02 02:48 UTC: The file transfer is 50% complete.

2017-02-02 05:17 UTC: The file transfer is complete. We’re still working on restoring database passwords and permissions. If you notice a problem with your site, please open a support ticket for immediate assistance.

2017-02-02 15:00 UTC: We were able to recover all the data on Web367 and brought the original machine back online.