[Completed] Emergency maintenance on web474, April 02, 2017

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Web474 will be taken down for hard disk replacement on Sunday April 2nd, 2017 between 04:00 UTC and 08:00 UTC.

We will update this post as maintenance progresses.

Sun Apr  2 04:18:02 UTC 2017: The server has been taken offline for maintenance.

Sun Apr  2 05:39:44 UTC 2017: The first of two hard disks has been replaced and the RAID is rebuilding (25% currently)

Sun Apr  2 07:34:41 UTC 2017: The RAID has finished rebuilding after the first disk replacement, and the second disk is now being replaced.

Sun Apr  2 07:45:17 UTC 2017: The server is back online. The second disk was replaced and the RAID is rebuilding, which will decrease performance until it finishes.

Sun Apr  2 12:14:17 UTC 2017: All drives in the RAID have finished rebuilding. Maintenance is now complete.


[Completed] Emergency network maintenance in Singapore

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Between 16:00 and 18:00 UTC today (24 March 2017) a network module in our Singapore datacenter will be rebooted.

The following servers are serviced by this network module: web321, web322, web323, web339, web360, web361, web362, web375, web379, web390, web409, web422, web423, web424, web429, web438, web442, web463, web474, web486, web490, web505, web508, web517

However, no downtime or loss of connectivity is expected.

We’ll update this post when the maintenance is complete.

2017-03-24 17:07 UTC: The maintenance is complete.


[Fixed] Web346 offline

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2017-03-16 20:01 UTC: The networking services on Web346 are currently down and the machine is offline. We’re working to restore service at this time and will update this post when more information is available.

2017-03-16 22:06 UTC: Web346 is back online after our upstream network provider reconfigured a switch. We’ll continue to monitor for signs of trouble.

2017-03-16 22:26 UTC: Web346 has gone offline again. We’re working to restore service at this time and will update this post when more information is available.

2017-03-16 23:25 UTC: We’re still investigating the connectivity issue.

2017-03-17 00:24 UTC: We’re still investigating the connectivity issue.

2017-03-17 01:44 UTC: We’ve switched Web346 to a different OS kernel and it seem to be stable now. We’ll continue to monitor.

2017-03-17 15:43 UTC: Several hours ago, we determined that Web346 was being attacked. At that time, we took steps to mitigate the attack, and the server has been stable since then. We’ll continue to monitor.

2017-03-24 15:22 UTC: We’ve not seen any further issues over the past several days.


[Fixed] Control panel and API

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2017-03-10 22:35 UTC: Our control panel and API was under heavy load for the past 10 minutes and may have been slow or unresponsive for some customers. The problem has been resolved and the panel and API are responding normally at this time.


[Fixed] Datacenter connectivity issue affecting mail system and dedicated servers

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2017-03-02 22:15 UTC: A network connectivity issue in one of our data centers is affecting our incoming mail system. We’re working to restore service and will update this post as soon as more info is available.

2017-03-02 22:47 UTC: This issue is also affecting some of our dedicated servers: DWEB53, DWEB39, DWEB73

2017-03-02 22:52 UTC: Connectivity is now restored. We’ll continue to monitor.

2017-03-03 00:18 UTC: The cause of the issue was a faulty linecard in the data center. The problem has been resolved.