Our upstream provider will be performing emergency maintenance on three separate routers on May 22, 24, and 25.

A three hour maintenance window has been scheduled for each router. The total expected downtime within each window should not exceed three minutes.

The maintenance windows and affected servers are:

  • 22-May-2017 22:00 UTC through 23-May-2017 01:00 UTC: dweb186, web209, web210, web211, web217, web218, web223, web224, web225, web303, web304, web305, web306, web314, web316, web317, web327, web331, web332, web333, web334, web357, web358, web359, web364, web383, web392, web395, web416, web421, web435, web448, web457, web459, web464, web480, web483, web488
  • 24-May-2017 05:00 UTC through 08:00 UTC: ns1, web22, web23, web39, web40, web69, web70, web72, web74, web75, web119, web122, web183, web200, web213, web228, web230, web231, web233, web234, web235, web242, web248, web249, web338, web391, web397, web413, web453, web484, web487
  • 25-May-2017 05:00 UTC through 08:00 UTC: mail, mx7, mx8, web31, web42, web48, web155, web174, web178, web186, web226, web237, web241, web351, web354, web355, web356, web363, web365, web366, web367, web372, web378, web382, web387, web408, web450, web492, webmail