2017-08-12 04:27 UTC: Users with email mailboxes on Mailbox8 and Mailbox9 servers may encounter intermittent authentication failures. Please stand by for further updates.

2017-08-16 22:54 UTC: We’ve determined that this issue is related to an ongoing migration of mailboxes to new hardware. We’re continuing to troubleshoot.

2017-08-28 22:55 UTC: A permission problem related to the ongoing mailbox migrations is currently causing IMAP/POP login failure. We’re fixing the permissions at this time and will update this post when complete.

2017-08-28 23:42 UTC: The permission problem has been resolved, and IMAP/POP authentication should be working normally at this time. We’ll continue to monitor.

2017-08-30 21:53 UTC: We’re still seeing intermittentĀ IMAP/POP authentication failures related to the ongoing mailbox migrations. This also affects webmail logins. Any failures should be temporary – if they don’t seem resolved within a few minutes, then please contact WebFaction support for further assistance.

2017-09-07 18:45 UTC: We’ve updated our migration process to minimize its impact on the IMAP/POP service, and are no longer seeing intermittentĀ IMAP/POP authentication issues.