[Fixed] Delays in processing payments

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We are currently experiencing a temporary issue with our payment pre-processor.

Due to an issue on their side we are not receiving payment notifications in a timely manner, thus any payments, while received, are not instantly recorded to our control panel’s Payment Transaction History page.

This issue started today at 05:16 UTC and after communicating with them they said that it should be fixed by 14:30 UTC.

When they do resolve this issue we’ll go through all the payments made today, double check the transactions and add them to our panel.

If you did make a payment during that time but it is missing, feel free to raise a ticket and we’ll look into this.

2018-02-19 15:30 UTC: Our payment pre-processor have gotten back to us, letting us know that everything is fixed on their side and we are seeing payments going through successfully in the last hour. We are not double checking all transactions that happened during the window and adding any missing one to our panel.

2018-02-19 17:00 UTC: All transactions should be visible in our control panel now.


[Fixed] Web530 inaccessible

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Web530 is currently not accessible. We are working to restore services as soon as possible.

2018-02-07 16:51 UTC: We are still working with our data center to bring the machine back online as soon as possible.

2018-02-07 20:04 UTC: The servers is back online.

2018-02-08 07:39 UTC: The server is experiencing network issues again and is inaccessible. We’re looking into this issue and will update this post as soon as we have more info.

2018-02-08 10:12 UTC: The server is up and running and looks stable. We’ll be monitoring it for a while before marking this issue as resolved. Please let us know if you notice any further issues from your end.

2018-02-08 10:49 UTC: Some customers have reported issues accessing the server via IPv4. We are looking into this. Customers using IPv6 should be able to access the server.

2018-02-08 14:30 UTC: After monitoring the server for some time, all services look stable so we’ll mark this issue as fixed.