We’ve just got an alert about the following US based servers being inaccessible.

We’re investigating at this time and will update this post when more information is available.

The affected shared servers are: web500, web501, web518, web521, web524, web590, web591, web592, web594, web595, web596, web597, web598, web599, web600, web601, web602, web603, web608, web609, web610, web611, web612, web613, web614, web615, web616, web617, web618, web619, web620, web621, web622, web623, web624, web625, web626, web627, web628, web629, web630, web631, web632, web634.

The affected cloud instances are: wf-148-72-160-10, wf-148-72-160-103, wf-148-72-160-104, wf-148-72-160-105, wf-148-72-160-106, wf-148-72-160-107, wf-148-72-160-108, wf-148-72-160-109, wf-148-72-160-110, wf-148-72-160-111, wf-148-72-160-114, wf-148-72-160-115, wf-148-72-160-117, wf-148-72-160-118, wf-148-72-160-119, wf-148-72-160-12, wf-148-72-160-120, wf-148-72-160-13, wf-148-72-160-14, wf-148-72-160-16, wf-148-72-160-17, wf-148-72-160-5, wf-148-72-160-6, wf-148-72-160-7, wf-148-72-160-8, wf-148-72-160-9, wf-207-38-86-102, wf-207-38-86-125, wf-207-38-86-135, wf-207-38-86-138, wf-207-38-86-140, wf-207-38-86-145, wf-207-38-86-147, wf-207-38-86-149, wf-207-38-86-150, wf-207-38-86-159, wf-207-38-86-160, wf-207-38-86-164, wf-207-38-86-165, wf-207-38-86-166, wf-207-38-86-167, wf-207-38-86-168, wf-207-38-86-170, wf-207-38-86-171, wf-207-38-86-175, wf-207-38-86-187, wf-207-38-86-192, wf-207-38-86-194, wf-207-38-86-67, wf-207-38-86-68, wf-207-38-86-77, wf-207-38-92-106, wf-207-38-92-115, wf-207-38-92-122, wf-207-38-92-123, wf-207-38-92-124, wf-207-38-92-125, wf-207-38-92-135, wf-207-38-92-14, wf-207-38-92-144, wf-207-38-92-149, wf-207-38-92-176, wf-207-38-92-18, wf-207-38-92-182, wf-207-38-92-183, wf-207-38-92-184, wf-207-38-92-215, wf-207-38-92-244, wf-207-38-92-5, wf-207-38-92-55, wf-207-38-92-6, wf-207-38-92-61, wf-207-38-92-7, wf-207-38-92-93, wf-207-38-92-94, wf-207-38-92-95, wf-207-38-93-134, wf-207-38-93-174, wf-207-38-93-187, wf-207-38-93-216, wf-207-38-93-252, wf-207-38-93-253, wf-207-38-93-254, wf-207-38-93-35, wf-207-38-93-36, wf-207-38-93-93, wf-207-38-94-108, wf-207-38-94-111, wf-207-38-94-140, wf-207-38-94-159, wf-207-38-94-181, wf-207-38-94-206, wf-207-38-94-21, wf-207-38-94-22, wf-207-38-94-224, wf-207-38-94-230, wf-207-38-94-235, wf-207-38-94-241, wf-207-38-94-251, wf-207-38-94-69, wf-207-38-94-70, wf-207-38-94-78, wf-207-38-94-91

2018-03-03 16:19 UTC We’ve identified the cause as a power outage. Servers are beginning to come back online now. We’ll update this post if anything changes.

2018-03-03 17:14 UTC The power outage was caused by a cooling failure. This is being worked on now. We’ll update this post when more information becomes available.

2018-03-03 18:50 UTC The issue is resolved and all servers have been restarted. We’ll continue to monitor. If you see any issues, please open a support ticket.