[Fixed] Mailbox17 inaccessible

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The server is currently not accessible. We are looking into the issue and will resolve as quickly as possible.

2018-05-22 17:08 UTC: We have identified the problem and are working as fast as possible to bring the machine back online.

2018-05-22 18:36 UTC: We have done a chassis swap and importing the data.

2018-05-22 19:56 UTC: The server is back online.


Regarding GLIBC_PRIVATE errors in your python application

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A recent system update to the core glibc package seems to have caused a small number of python apps hosted on our servers to stop working, showing the following in their error logs:

ImportError: /lib64/libresolv.so.2: symbol __h_errno, version
GLIBC_PRIVATE not defined in file libc.so.6 with link time reference

The Apache stack needs to fully stop for this to be fixed. You can do that by starting an ssh session, traversing to the directory hosting your app, and using the `stop` and `start` scripts:

cd ~/webapps/your_app

If you are having any trouble or need further assistance with this, please raise aticket and our support team will gladly help you with.