We recently made some changes to the way customers should make their payments or add their credit cards for monthly recurring charges. The major customer facing change was that Paypal’s UI would be used instead of our control panel.

That decision was made to further secure our systems, where we wouldn’t capture customer’s data at all in our platform, not even temporary, before transmitting them to Paypal’s API to be processed.

Unfortunately, this caused some issues with payments, for example customers were being asked to create a Paypal account, even though one shouldn’t be needed, or being charged extra fees from Paypal’s side.

Those were issues we haven’t seen during our testing period or for the last few years that Paypal has been our default gateway. Taking them into account, we’ve reverted our changes and you should be able to make payments or add your payment sources using our control panel directly again.

We will re-deploy the changes as soon as further testing is done, with an ETA of mid-January.

We will update this post as soon as this is done.