We are currently experiencing connectivity issues in St. Louis, affecting customers on the following machines:

web507 web510 web552 web568 web569 web571 web604 web605 web606 web607 web608 web609 web610 web611 web612 web613 web614 web615 web616 web617 web618 web619 web620 web621 web622 web623 web624 web625 web626 web627 web628 web629 web630 web631 web632 web634 wf-103-44-220-49 wf-148-72-160-116 wf-148-72-160-120 wf-148-72-160-121 wf-148-72-160-128 wf-148-72-160-201 wf-148-72-160-210 wf-148-72-160-222 wf-207-38-86-112 wf-207-38-86-36 wf-207-38-92-154 wf-207-38-92-155 wf-207-38-92-205 wf-207-38-93-109 wf-207-38-93-115 wf-207-38-93-152 wf-207-38-93-165 wf-207-38-93-169 wf-207-38-93-189 wf-207-38-93-202 wf-207-38-93-203 wf-207-38-93-217 wf-207-38-93-223 wf-207-38-93-226 wf-207-38-93-227 wf-207-38-93-238 wf-207-38-93-245 wf-207-38-93-247 wf-207-38-93-71 wf-207-38-94-244 wf-31-170-122-218

We are working with our datacenter technicians to resolve this issue and make the servers accessible again.

Please watch this area for updates and progress on the incident.

2019-09-05 06:48 UTC: Connectivity is restored. If you are still having issues accessing any of the servers above please contact our support team.