We are currently experiencing connectivity issues in USA affecting some servers.

Our network team is working on resolving the issue as quickly as possible.

Please watch this area for updates and progress on the incident.

2020-08-09 13:45 Our data center technicians are looking into the issue on the following servers.

Web512 IP Address:
Web513 IP Address:
Web514 IP Address:
Web515 IP Address:
Web555 IP Address:
Web556 IP Address:
Web560 IP Address:
Web563 IP Address:


2020-08-09 16:15 UTC: Our onsite technicians confirm all servers are online. The networking team is working on root cause as to why traffic is not routing to the servers.

2020-08-09 17:05 UTC: We have isolated the root cause to a bad router. Our team is in the process of replacing the router.

2020-08-09 18:19 UTC: Switch as been replaced and all servers are back online.