[Postponed] Filesystem Upgrade on Web22

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Web22′s filesystem will be upgraded from ext3 to ext4 on Friday 21st June 2013

between 5am to 9 am UTC.

We will be updating this post as the upgrade progresses.

[Jun 21 07:44 UTC] The full customer data backup which we take before doing an upgrade could not complete, so we have postponed this upgrade till that is done.


[Done] PostgreSQL upgrade on Web22,Web23,Web223 and Web228

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We are going to upgrade Postgresql 8.3 / PostGIS 1.3.6 to Postgresql 8.4 / PostGIS 1.5 on the following servers in the

upgrade interval mentioned alongside.

Web22    May 5, 2am to 4am UTC

Web228  May 5, 3am to 5am UTC

Web223  May 5, 4am to 6am UTC

Web23    May 5, 5am to 7am UTC

Postgresql will be unavailable for the duration of the upgrade.

We will update this post as the upgrades progress.

[May  5 03:09 UTC] The upgrade on Web22 is over.

[May  5 04:46 UTC] The upgrade on web223 is over while Web228 is still going on due to the large amount of data.

[May  5 05:20 UTC] The upgrade on Web228 is over.

[May  5 06:50 UTC] The upgrade on web23 is over.