[Fixed] Connectivity problems on web369

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Web369 is currently experiencing intermittent network connectivity. We believe the cause is a denial-of-service attack against one of the sites hosted on that server. We’re activating upstream DDOS mitigation, which should improve connectivity. We’ll update this post when we have more information.

2013-09-09 23:14 UTC:  Connectivity on web369 has been stable for the past two hours.

2013-09-10 04:00 UTC: The DDOS has returned and due to the attack’s volume our datacenter had to null route the IP.

2013-09-10 10:44 UTC: The DDOS is over but the server is still under the mitigation system.

2013-09-10 20:43 UTC: The mitigation system has been deactivated and the server is stable at this time.