[Fixed] Web503 offline

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Web503 has been null-routed by our upstream provider, due to massive inbound traffic which is most probably caused by a DDoS attack.

We’re working to restore service and will update this post when we have more information.

2016-03-03 19:45 UTC: The attack is massive and ongoing. We’re setting up a system of proxies and diverting customer domains to the proxy IPs. The attack will follow the targeted domain to its new IP, which will enable us to identify the target and isolate it from other customers on the server. We’re emailing all affected customers with more details.

2016-03-04 01:55 UTC: We’re still monitoring traffic to identify the target of the attack.

2016-03-04 11:22 UTC: We are still in the process of identifying the attack target.  In the meantime, your websites are being served via our proxy servers.

2016-03-04 18:53 UTC: It appears that the attack has subsided, so the null-route has been lifted from Web503. We will leave the proxies in place over the weekend as a precaution.

2016-03-07 15:36 UTC: We have updated our DNS servers to point all the domains back to Web503. If you are using external DNS servers you will need to update them to point your domains back to Web503. We will shut down the proxies in 5 days.

2016-03-11 22:59 UTC: We have shutdown the proxies.