[Done]Emergency maintenance on Web82, March 9th.

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Web82 will be taken offline for a disk swap since one of the RAIDed disks stopped working and RAID lost redundancy. The downtime will start at 13:15 Friday, March 9th 2012. We’ll update this post as maintenance progresses.

2012-03-09 13:52 UTC The server is back to operational status.


[Fixed] Network outage affecting several servers

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A network outage is currently affecting the following servers: web58, web60, web61, web62, web63, web64, web65, web66, web67, web68, web69, web70, web71, web72, web73, web74, web75, web76, web77, web78, web79, web80, web81, web82, web83, web134, web135, web136.

Our webmail and support ticket systems are also affected.

We are currently investigating the problem and hope to have it resolved soon. We will update this post with more information as the situation progresses.

18:30 UTC: There was a failure in the switch that services the rack housing the affected servers. The problem has been corrected and all of the affected servers are back online.